Jewel Jackson Celebrates 21 Years With OGC

June 30th, 2021

"By her actions, she tells a story that everyone needs to hear "

- Leon Smith, Recycling Coordinator

If you’ve ever visited the Recycling Center at Warner Park, you probably know her name: Jewel Jackson!

Ms. Jackson, the OGC Recycling Department's supervisor at that location, has served Orange Grove faithfully for 21 years as of this May. A devoted staff member and friend to all, she is the embodiment of a life lived selflessly, and perhaps more importantly, joyfully.

Ms. Jackson is a fixture in the community: her personality just has that vital spark, and a genuine warmth that translates to every encounter, no matter how small. Anyone who spends any amount of time with her will immediately find that her energy and humor are infectious, and perhaps take that same liveliness with them as they go about their day. Ms. Jackson delights in meeting new people and will always take time to engage with those coming and going from the Recycling Center. In conversation, she has a gift for dissolving barriers and putting people at ease. No one stays a stranger long around Ms. Jackson!

Ms.Jackson’s work ethic is unparalleled, and she has even achieved the feat of working 21 years without ever calling in sick -- not once! On her days off from the Recycling Center, she works in one of our residential homes, where she has built a strong rapport with the individuals there, who love and respect her immensely. Ms. Jackson’s faith is a guiding force in her life. She is very active in her church,and often participates in distributing food donations in the area.


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