the osage roots society

Supporting Orange Grove Center leaves a lasting impact on our ability to serve individuals in our community with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Osage Roots Society recognizes a special group of donors who help build the future at Orange Grove Center by naming Orange Grove as a beneficiary in one's will or living trust. Please consider joining the Society by including Orange Grove in your estate plans and sharing the information with us. Your charitable bequest creates a legacy of support and insures the continued success of Orange Grove as it recognizes, supports, and celebrates the qualities of the individuals we serve.

The information that follows is a brief description of some of the many options available as you consider providing for those people most important to you after you are gone. We would be delighted to talk with you more about your wishes in seeing your support last longer than a lifetime. For additional information about the Osage Roots Society, please contact Heidi Hoffecker.

a lasting legacy

a bequest in your will

  • Designate a specific gift to Orange Grove
  • Direct a certain percentage of your estate to Orange Grove
  • Estate tax exemptions

Give & Receive

Charitable gift annuities

  • Cash or market property to Orange Grove
  • Orange Grove reinvests the assets and pays you a fixed income
  • Upon the death of the last beneficiary, the funds are available for use by Orange Grove

tax benefits

Retirement Funds

  • You may consider a donation of a tax-deferred retirement account such as an IRA, 401 (k), TIAA-CREF or pension account
  • Tax benefit for you
  • Potential significant gift to Orange Grove without a financial burden during your lifetime

Found Money

Savings bonds

If you own savings bonds, particularly ones that have matured, you may use them for gift planning.

  • Contribute cash proceeds from matured bonds and/or create a life income gift with the bond proceeds
  • A gift by bequest will provide a significant gift to Orange Grove and income tax savings for  your family
  • Orange Grove will be able to use the entire amount of the savings bond for our programs, interest free
  • Your family is not burdened with assets that have heavy tax liability

Income & Tax Benefits

Charitable remainder trusts

You may choose to create a charitable remainder trust with income benefiting you and/or your dependents for life; OGC receives the trust assets upon termination of the trust.

  • Income tax deduction for your gift to the trust
  • Avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets

Insurance to Benefit OGC

Life insurance policies

  • Name Orange Grove as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Give Orange Grove a paid-up policy specifically for this purpose, and receive an income tax deduction for the annual payments
  • You can give more to Orange Grove than you might otherwise be able to afford



You may also create a charitable lead trust that gives the income from assets placed in trust to Orange Grove for a period of years.

  • Assets are returned to you or your family at termination of trust
  • Qualifies for a federal gift tax deduction
  • Asset growth that occurs while the assets are held in trust will be passed to the trust beneficiaries free from estate or gift taxes



You may consider a gift through retained life estate. This method is especially attractive if you have no one whom you wish to leave your home at your death.

  • Leave the property to Orange Grove
  • Receive a significant income tax deduction
  • Retain the use of the property for your lifetime

Your Financial Advisor

We will gladly work with your attorney, CPA, or other financial advisor to develop a planned giving strategy that provides financial security and satisfies your charitable giving goals. Any inquiries about information concerning planned gifts will be confidential.

Orange Grove's use of the gift

You may direct how your gift will be used at Orange Grove to endow or support a particular program or service. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

Commitment to Donor Privacy

Orange Grove Center recognizes that donors have a reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to personal information they share with Orange Grove Center, including, but not limited to, any and all information about gifts to the Center. Therefore, all information shared by donors will be kept confidential by Orange Grove Center and not shared outside the organization without written permission granted by the donor. Any request by Orange Grove Center to share personal information of donors will be in writing and will include a brief description of the intended purpose of the disclosure. Orange Grove Center does not sell or share donor lists, except insofar as donors are listed in publications acknowledging Center supporters.

All requests by donors to remain anonymous shall be honored.

Donors who provided Orange Grove Center with a postal or email address may be contacted periodically for solicitation purposes, as well as for Center mailings (including, but not limited to newsletters and the Annual Report), and for invitations to or announcements for special events.Donor requests to be removed from mailing lists or to receive limited mailings will be honored.

Electronic copies of the three most recent IRS Form 990’s are available upon request.

The information above is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney. Income tax references refer to federal taxes only, and individual state taxes may further impact your specific situation.