What We Do

Our collective goal - that of our families, our staff, our professionals, our supporters - has always been for those we serve to live a life they want to live: a life full of opportunities - to work, to play, to earn, to worship, to have fun, to live and laugh with friends and family.

Since 1953, Orange Grove has been a place of hope and possibilities for families who have loved ones with an intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD). And now, these hopes and possibilities involve more and more of our programs and services taking place all over the community rather than in one place.

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adult services

The types of programs and services we offer are influenced by a number of factors, including the changing needs of those we serve; availability of more opportunities in the community for employment, volunteering, and leisure and recreation activities; more and better information and knowledge about the particular challenges faced by many of those we serve; and of course, the legislative and regulatory framework in which Orange Grove must operate.

Children's services

Orange Grove's children's services are centered around providing our students the instruction and support needed to foster independence in our community.

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enrichment services

Orange Grove's art, music and physical recreation department programs are important parts of our overall mission to recognize, support, and celebrate the qualities of the individual. Music, art, and physical activity stimulate different areas of the brain, and are uniquely able to bring people together.