Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program


Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a community-based program that promotes recovery, community integration, and improved quality of life for individuals who have been diagnosed with a behavioral health condition. The goal of the program is to support individuals as active and productive members of their communities through interventions developed with a behavioral health professional or certified peer recovery specialist, in a non-residential setting. These interventions are aimed at actively engaging the participant in services and forming individualized service plan goals that will result in measurable outcomes in the areas of educational, vocational, recreational and social support, as well as developing structure and skills training related to activities of daily living. Such interventions are collaborative, person-centered, individualized, and ultimately results in the individual's wellness and recovery being sustainable within the community, without requiring the support of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Psychosocial Rehabilitation must meet Medical Necessity criteria and may be provided in conjunction with routine outpatient services.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation services vary in intensity, frequency, and duration in order to resolve the individual's ability to manage functional difficulties.


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