Make a Difference. Work for Orange grove.

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Mariah Aguirre, DSP

"If you really want to do something that makes a real and right-now difference for someone else, this is the job for you." 


If you’re about living for others more than yourself; If you’re looking for a challenging, fulfilling nonprofit career that puts you on the cutting edge of human rights, health and advocacy, then check out Orange Grove Center.

Tennessee’s largest provider of service to people with intellectual disabilities is seeking a Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). DSPs are critical to the lives of people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. They assist with daily living, encourage and facilitate opportunities for work, volunteerism and social enrichment.  DSPs advocate, coach, congratulate and offer caring companionship and support to people with disabilities, so they can live their best life. 

Being a DSP? Here’s what it’s about: 

Being a Direct Support Professional at Orange Grove Center can be rewarding, challenging, fulfilling, stressful, fun—all that and more.  What you need to show is that you’re willing to take on some real-world responsibility and care about helping people achieve.

You’ll get an opportunity for flexible schedule and benefits for full-time work. You’ll get great work experience that will set you apart from your after-college career competition. Or stick with us and grow!  We have opportunities in employment, community and day programs, as well as work in our 70+ residences all over Chattanooga.

Do human rights matter to you? Then check out what could be an awesome way for you to earn some money and make areal impact on someone’s life.

Click here to apply to be a hero to someone who needs you. Join the Orange Grove Team!