Briana Garza, Director of Intermediate Care Facilities

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (423) 629-1451, ext. 2504

Briana Garza began her career at Orange Grove Center in 2010. As the director of the Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Garza oversees : Case Management, Day Program, Residential, Therapy Services, Nursing, and Recruitment Departments. These combined efforts support 80 individuals with significant physical,developmental, and/or behavioral difficulties in 18 group homes across Hamilton County.

Garza has held a series of positions within the agency including House Manager, Day Services Coordinator, and ICF Assistant Director. She states that the most significant role she's held was that of the Direct Support Professional (DSP). It is that experience that drives her passion to improve services. Garza holds a series of focus group discussions to understand the needs of the workforce as this directly affects the continuity of care individuals receive. In 2018,the ICF Department, under Garza's direction, has become the first organization in TN to vet DSP's through the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals credentialing process.

Garza received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is in the process of pursuing her Masters in Health Administration.