children's services

Image of a student staring intently at a computer screen, while another student looks on

Students ages five to twenty-two years are referred to Orange Grove Center by the student's Individual Education Planning Team from several Tennessee and Georgia counties. The program is  accredited by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Category 1 school. Classroom teachers are certified in special education. 

Each student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) written by a multi-disciplinary team that addresses each area of the student's needs. The IEP emphasizes the education and training necessary to prepare students for more independent living and working by including goals for pre-vocational, vocational, language, social, and self-help skills, functional academics, and community exploration.

Art, music, and physical recreation allow students to explore creative outlets and self-expression. Students are assessed for additional supports, which may include speech, occupational, or physical therapies, assistive technology, or behavioral support.

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