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Below are the most recent memos sent out by our Executive Director and the links to the right are archieved memos:



To:            All OGC Families, Staff and Volunteers

From:       Kyle Hauth, Executive Director

Subject:    OGC Update

Date:        August 2, 2017



As was discussed at the Family Meeting on Monday evening, we have been contemplating the best course of action regarding day services on August 21st.  You probably noticed that many school systems will be closed on August 21st due to the heavy flow of traffic expected in our area as a result of the afternoon solar eclipse. We have had a number of conversations as to how the incursion of additional traffic may impede safety for our many transportation routes. We came to the conclusion it may prove prudent to adjust our holiday schedule to accommodate for this event. As a result we, have replaced October 9th (Columbus Holiday) with August 21st as an OGC Holiday. Please note the attached amended Holiday Schedule for Orange Grove and please replace the original schedule with this new schedule.


Please note that the Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society and Trousdale School are sponsoring a mini-conference on dementia. This event would undoubtedly prove beneficial to many of you. I have pasted an email below which provides the details of this conference.


From: Jim Rogers [mailto:jprcpo871@epbfi.com]

Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 5:55 PM

To: sjenkins@orangegrove.org; habctrmd@aol.com

Cc: hhoffecker@orangegrove.org; Shannon Clark; ltmilburn@gmail.com; Sandra McCord; 'Carmen Penney'; 'Jacob Jarvis'

Subject: Speaking Engagement


Rick, Susan and Heidi:


August 31st, 2017 at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm The Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society and Trousdale School are sponsoring a mini-conference.


We want to thank Rick Rader, MD for agreeing to present. He will discuss the Incidence and Realities of Dementia in Adults with DS and also provide tips for the attendees on Transitioning Adults with DS from a Pediatrician to a PCP. We would like a presentation of about 1 hour with a question period to follow.


The audience will be mostly parents of intellectually disabled persons but the ages may range to adolescents. CDSS and Trousdale will publicize the event and parents from Siskin Preschool, Signal Center and Hamilton County will be invited. We want to extend an invitation to parents of Orange Grove Clients as well.


We will provide light food and drinks. There will be a resource table available if needed.

Please let us know of an AV needs so we can accommodate you.


Trousdale School is located at 3171 Hewitt St SE. Cleveland, TN  37323. (About 35 minute drive from OG)

Directions (from Chattanooga)

From exit #20 on I-75, turn right and travel east on Hwy 64/APD 40.  At the third light turn right onto Blackburn Road.  At the stop sign turn right onto Dockery Lane.  Follow the road down the hill, back up the next hill, and Hewitt Street will be on your left.  Turn left onto Hewitt Street, and follow the driveway up to the school on the hill.


We look forward to this event and especially to having you share your knowledge with our attendees.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do in the coming weeks.

I will keep you updated on RSVPs.



Jim Rogers



Links to both Trousdale and CDSS are below.









To:            All OGC Families, Staff and Volunteers

From:       Kyle Hauth, Executive Director

Subject:    OGC Update

Date:        July 28, 2017



Please don’t forget to join us this coming Monday, July 31st, at 5:30 p.m. in the Habilitation Training Room. I know you will benefit from the exchange of ideas and an update on what is taking place at Orange Grove. I hope you will reach out to other families that you may know and ask them to join us as well. Remember, we will have pizza, soft drinks, and cookies for refreshments so you do not have to eat dinner before coming.  Please join us for this important meeting.



Sandy Lusk recently forwarded me an article (I pasted the link to the article below) that provides an easy to read explanation as to the eligibility requirements that are taking place with TennCare. Individuals receiving any TennCare benefits must have their eligibility determined annually under federal law. For those individuals who receive residential and representative payee services from Orange Grove, we complete the necessary paperwork for the eligibility process. However, if the person served lives with their family, then it is the responsibility of the family to ensure that this eligibility process is fulfilled. The packets from TennCare that come in the mail are 98 pages long, and request significant amounts of personal information from the recipients. The purpose of the packets is to gather data on recipients' eligibility for any state benefits programs. If you receive this information, it is imperative that you respond accordingly, or your loved one will lose their benefits. For more information about this matter, please read the article by using the following link:




Thank you for your help and support of the annual golf tournament. We had an excellent tournament this past week and we expect to net approximately $50,000.00 from the event. We are so very thankful to First Tennessee Bank as well as our many other sponsors for making the event a huge success.


Please know that we continue to seek new volunteer sites in our community for those individuals we serve who are not ready or able to work in a minimum wage job. We are finding many non-profits in our town recognize the value and capability of the people we serve, including churches. We just facilitated a partnership with First Baptist Church of Chattanooga where a number of the people we serve volunteer and recreate at their beautiful facility. This effort has proven an excellent arrangement for individuals that receive our services and we are hopeful to create many more such agreements. You could certainly aid us in this endeavor by introducing us to possible partners and sharing the successes we are experiencing. Please let me know, if you would like more information regarding this need, or have a suggestion as to a location we should consider.


Thank you for your attention in these matters.





To:            All OGC Families, Staff and Volunteers

From:       Kyle Hauth, Executive Director

Subject:    OGC Update

Date:        July 11, 2017



Please join us for our next Family Meeting on Monday, July 31st, at 5:30 p.m. in the Habilitation Training Room. Please attempt to bring one or two friends with you and introduce them to the OGC Family Group.  There is no doubt that they would be grateful for your prodding, if they attended.  We will have pizza, soft drinks, and cookies for refreshments so you do not have to eat dinner before coming.  Please join us for this important meeting.


The Orange Grove golf tournament will take place on the afternoon of July 24th at the Black Creek Golf Club. Please consider pulling together a team and entering this fun filled and enjoyable time while supporting Orange Grove’s many services and programs. We can still advertise a few more hole sponsors at $300.00 each, if you would like to sponsor or know someone that may want to sponsor a hole. Please let me know, if you would like brochures to share at your work or civic locations.


Please be aware that our Development Department is also upgrading our mobile marketing system so we can better inform you of OGC opportunities and keep you abreast of our successes. If you have not shared your cell phone number and email address with our Development Department, please be so kind as to reach out to Heidi Hoffecker (hhoffecker@orangegrove.org) and share this information.


United Way represents a large portion of our local dollars, and I implore you to please support this effort.  If you have contributed to United Way in the past, please consider giving again and possibly increasing your gift.  If you have never given to United Way, please take advantage of the many educational opportunities available through United Way to understand how this organization supports so many people throughout your community.  United Way’s website is: http://www.uwchatt.org.  You will find a wealth of information at this site and obtain contact information, if you would like to speak directly with one of their representatives.  I’ll be happy to assist you, if you would like to learn more about this organization. We would also benefit from families who would be willing to make presentations on behalf of United Way. These presentations are fairly straightforward. As a presenter, you would simply share a few personal insights as to how United Way assists this community (e.g., Orange Grove’s services and programs) and why it is important to support United Way. If you would like to participate in this effort, please give me a call and I will ensure that you are scheduled for upcoming presentations.


Orange Grove will soon have two robots to assist in providing training for individuals with autism. Milo is a 2-foot-tall humanoid robot designed to help individuals on the autism spectrum to practice their social, emotional and behavioral skills. Though Milo’s curriculum and his robotics technology have been in development for about six years, Milo has only been available to educational facilities for about a year and a half. Overall, there are about 300 robots being used in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia. Thanks to Dr. Rader, now Orange Grove is the only program in Tennessee to be using Milo. One of Milo’s most promising social behavior lessons is the calm down module, which teaches individuals different techniques – counting to 10, taking a deep breath, and taking a break from an activity to help relax. Fortunately, Milo is an evolving robot whose comprehensive curriculum is continually expanding based on feedback from users. Therefore, we hope that our uses of this technology will not only benefit people served by Orange Grove, but as we provide input to its developers, we hope to see improvements which will provide a wider range of benefits.


We will be sharing more information about what Orange Grove is up to during our July 31st meeting. I hope to see you then.


To:         All OGC Families, Staff and Volunteers

From:       Kyle Hauth, Executive Director

Subject:    OGC Update

Date:       May 9, 2017



Recently, you may have heard through various media outlets, about the number of investigations done by the State at Orange Grove over the last five years.  The media reporting may have caused you to wonder about some of our practices. Please know that these investigations, even the number of them, clearly demonstrate our commitment to a quality-run program. The system we have for reporting incidents is intent upon identifying, exposing and addressing errors and staff misconduct. The purpose of the system is to make our services and programs the best they can be. 


The reporting system is set up so that agencies and the State work together to insure quality of services and programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  If, through an investigation, an error in care is noted, corrections are made immediately.  In order for this system to work well, we cannot be afraid to report, document and fully analyze potentially unacceptable practices or incidents. We must continue to reinforce a level of transparency that rewards and encourages positive staff behavior.  Unfortunately, there are times when the system is spotlighted, as it has been recently in the media.  We cannot let the spotlight and negative press divert us from our mission and our devotion to the reporting and investigation process. 


The good news is that, while the number of investigations and substantiations may sound like a lot, when considered in light of the fact that we have 850 staff supporting 1,000 individuals, the statistics are pretty good.  In fact, DIDD says that our substantiation rate is half the substantiation rate of the average of all other agencies in TN. When compared to another provider similar to Orange Grove, DIDD determined that Orange Grove's rate of substantiations is less than half of that provider's rate.


Orange Grove is a strong provider in this State because we don't hide our mistakes. We report, study and revise based upon what we have learned.  Please remember that every day our employees are helping to make people's lives better. They are assisting them to and from their homes and to their jobs and training opportunities. They help them succeed and often save their lives. Every year at Founder's Day, we recognize staff who saved a life. These actions have included the Heimlich maneuver, first aid, proactive interventions and many other responses. These are just the obvious examples where our staff actions clearly saved a life. However, life-saving measures are happening every day with little to no notice, because it is the natural part of our work. When a speeding car passes and our driver slows, yields and drives defensively, they just prevented a potential catastrophe.  When OGC personnel closely follow a person's meal time card and ensure they have plenty of fluids, they just prevented a potential catastrophe. Every day, hundreds of potential catastrophes are averted because of the tremendous work of our staff.


Many of you have reached out to me and shared your recognition and appreciation for the work this organization performs each day. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in this regard. Please know that we remain committed to a person centered service delivery system that is ever vigilant in protecting and supporting the people we serve.                                                                                        


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